Goodworky - Employee Engagement

Goodworky - Employee Engagement Your people are the main driver behind company success! We help you create processes and experiences that boost organizational loyalty and profit
„At the end of every day, the assets of most companies walk out the door. The challenge facing those companies is to provide an environment which will encourage their assets to want to return the next morning and give their best when they do.” Linn Yates
The best ever scenario is all people in the company to be 100% engaged and to:
  • take initiative;
  • recognize opportunities;
  • identify problems and offer solutions;
  • facilitate the decision-making process.
Gallup’s 142-country study shows that only 13% of the employees are categorized as engaged with their work. In comparison 24% of the workforce is categorized as “Actively disengaged”, which means they are unhappy with their work and minimize their productivity.
We can help you to transform and grow the business engaging your employees, activating most powerful Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivators.

Main Steps we will go through together:
• Revision or Building of the vision / mission statements and company values to guide engagement through employee journey;
• Development of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) ;
• Building intercompany trust and effective communication;
• Organizational awareness - Identifying and gaining support of key people who can influence others;
• Boosting external and internal motivation using game-based techniques and technology.
We can help to create high-performance organizational climate where individual do “whatever-it-takes” to realize company’s full potential.